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Construction EMarketing offers electronic marketing, and Web site Penetration Testing, Cyber Security Policy Development, and Consultations. 

Hourly rates apply. 

Services provided regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The following services are provided:

  • Web site Penetration Testing
  • Cyber Security Policy Development
  • Electronic Marketing
  • Target Market Analysis
  • On-line Press Release Development
  • E-Learning Course Design

Knowing how to effectively market a brand person, product, or service in the on-line market place, is a daunting task.

To help eliminate the task, Construction EMarketing provides a free, six-week, on-line course.

This e-Course provides hands-on instruction on how-to develop an eMarketing plan,     e-mail marketing messages, on-line press releases, and on-line business articles, that enhances your on-line presence regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Typically, when you desire to make a lasting impression in the on-line market place, using the right visual presentation makes the difference. 

In fact, your on-line brand image should captivate your audience and impact their Web site viewer experience.

Construction EMarketing delivers quality and professional premium  electronic marketing designs; enabling your brand to reach its target market.

As a client, you will receive monthly activity reports on all electronic marketing concepts implemented to share news about your product, services, or about you.

Therefore, contact Construction EMarketing today; and let's begin discussing what electronic marketing concepts best suit, your brand needs.

Thank you for contacting Construction EMarketing. Please allow 24 hour response time on your query.

B. Fowler, C.P.B.A.M.A.

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